American Literature-ENG 201-40

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Overall Perspective of American Literature

My overall perspective of American Literature is that I learned some things about some of these authors that I never knew. I have always had a hard time with Literature and writing analysis. I would rather speak my opinion than write it. I really feel that literature should be a necessity in life to learn, because it gives insight on were the world has been and were it is going like history. I really struggled with this course online both technically and intelligently. Although my weakest subject, I really enjoyed the reading assignment. Being a black woman, I really felt a connection with Frederick Douglass and his struggle with slavery, freedom, and reading. I feel that black non-slaved Americans have an advantage in life because of people like Frederick Douglass and others who not mention in this anthology of literature. Also, I really enjoyed the and the Spirit written by Anne Bradstreet. My connection with this piece is more personal and real. I constantly have to battle the good and evil in my life. I have through the course of my life that evil shouldn’t overcome good at anytime in any given situations. American Literature speaks to me, although it’s hard for me to interpret what the writer is trying to say. American Literature, I feel, is a very biased subject. I really worked hard in the literature course and hope my hard work reflects my dedication for passing this course


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